Davis Lin

Name: Davis Lin
Chinese Name: 林璟骅
Title: Vice-president of Tencent, general manager of strategic development and general manager of Tencent Social Ads
Company: Tencent

Since joining Tencent in 2013, Davis Lin has taken a leading role in promoting the company’s strategic initiatives, business planning and development in the internet finance sector. Under his direction, Tencent’s social advertising team quickly expanded, and the second and third quarters of 2016 saw a maintained growth of around 80 percent. He was also pivotal in the commercialisation of WeChat, the company’s interface for its bold entrance into China’s mobile internet business.

 As a former senior partner at McKinsey & Company, Lin has brought to Tencent a diverse expertise in social-marketing, hi-tech manufacturing, internet service, telecommunications and media. Using QQ and WeChat, he integrated social advertising through strategic planning and promotion, and as a result, WeChat advertisers doubled in the third quarter helped by Lin’s campaign.

Lin also achieved cross-sector integration of Tencent’s unique ID system, creating a social-advertising data platform spanning a staggering social population of over 900 million. This intelligent delivery system has enabled SMEs to reduce costs, paving the way for quick and efficient targeted marketing strategies to move the company forward.

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