Jerry Clode

Name: Jerry Clode
Chinese Name: 旷杰瑞
Title: Director of SMART
Company: Resonance China

“Clode led the Social Media Workshop which provided a real eye-opening turning point in the discussion regarding the New Zealand public affairs strategy in China.”Guergana Guermanoff, consul-general, New Zealand Consulate

Jerry Clode attributes his ability to drive brand success through digital insight to his seamless amalgamation of roles as market researcher, brand consultant and digital marketer, but perhaps his most important role can best be described as a leader and inspirer. At SMART@Resonance, he has actively mentored two up-and-coming digital superstars in his team. Michael Norris has become a leading voice on Chinese digital implementation and strategy, while Zoe Zhao has become an expert in how brands can connect with Chinese millennials through social media, in particular with SMART’s unique way of using WeChat as a research tool in understanding behaviour.

Together, under Clode’s leadership, SMART has landed several new clients in the last year, namely: Tiffany, Shell, Bose, Star Alliance, Dubai Tourism, Paul Smith, Etam, Expedia, Miele, and Canali. Of particular note, Jerry led digital workshops that helped guide H&M in their digital and ECommerce strategy for China, and helped the New Zealand government in creating their digital-first national brand in China.

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