Lincoln Barrett

Name: Lincoln Barrett
Chinese Name: 白瑞霖
Title: VP, Distribution and Relationship Marketing
Company: InterContinental Hotels Group
Years in China: 3
I consider myself to be a digital native because:
Everything is moving to digital. You have to be.
My career highlights:
I spent 12 years working in various direct, loyalty and creative agencies before moving to IHG in 2008. At IHG it has been in China, where I've had a more heavy involvement in digital projects. Highlights from my team include building a China website, launching a TMall store, standing up Weibo communities and listening tools, launching an official WeChat service account and developing a lot of local partnerships with the main China digital players.
Professional mission:
Be a key member of winning teams.
The best thing about my job is:
The diversity
Personal mantra:
Keep evolving, keep growing your skills and capability.
My proudest achievement is:
Being chosen as Corporate Marketer of the Year in 2009 in Atlanta.
The secret to my success is:
Perseverance and discipline
The trends I'm watching in China are:
1. How platforms like WeChat and Weibo evolve in the next 12 months 2. Industry consolidation 3. Mobile adoption 4. Privacy trends
The most significant development in China's digital scene is:
The rapid pace of change and innovation
What technology do you consider most important and why?
Ultimately, I see mobile-enabled technologies as being the biggest driver of change in the next few years, underpinned by intelligence use of data. Why? It harnesses the intersection of the Chinese consumers use of social media and rapid adoption of mobile devices.
Challenges I'm seeking to overcome this year:
Maintaining discipline and focus with all that is going on around us.