Chan Dik Wai Dick

Name: Chan Dik Wai Dick
Chinese Name: 陳狄威
Title: ECD
Company: FCB Beijing
Years in China: 9
I consider myself to be a digital native because:
I source out all information from SNS, professional website, analysis database for consumer insights. Idea development can go through all online and offline platforms.
My career highlights:
FCB SH in 2010, I was the first digital GM with a creative background, utilised strategy, account and creative teams into a real IMC capability agency that can handle ATL, BTL and digital platforms all together. The Semir Tee launch in 2011 changed the game rules such that IMCs can be developed and executed in a small unit IMC team. Won gold integrated award in the same year. I have also had news coverage in the Wall Street Journal.
Professional mission:
To convert a traditional agency into a fully IMC agency.
The best thing about my job is:
I learn something new every day.
Personal mantra:
"It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be!" — Paul Arden
My proudest achievement is:
Training up young creatives to be more capable of creating new advertising models in future.
The secret to my success is:
Seize the day, make your life extraordinary every day.
The trends I'm watching in China are:
The shift from ‘quantitative’ to ‘qualitative’ in the digital/SNS field.
The most significant development in China's digital scene is:
From copying technology, to developing China's own SNS/digital environment skill/platform.
What technology do you consider most important and why?
Mobile technology. It contains everything we need in our life, while changing our life every single minute.
My favourite digital campaign is:
Dove's "Real beauty' campaign from 2008 until today.
Challenges I'm seeking to overcome this year:
Changing client and agency people’s traditional mindset on why we have to focus more on brand building and promotion on digital platforms.