Miao Cao

Name: Miao Cao
Chinese Name: 曹淼
Title: Vice president
Company: Renren
Years in China: 15
I consider myself to be a digital native because:
I joined Renren Inc. in 2004 and over the years, I have acquired a deep understanding of internet products, social marketing and the development of wireless internet. In those areas, I have accumulated a rich experience. In the past 10 years, I helped Renren improve its advertising revenue and consumer size.
My career highlights:
From 2004, I have held various positions at Renren, like account manager, account director, senior sales director, general sales manager of north China and vice president.
Professional mission:
To provide users with a better product and to help advertisers with more-targeted marketing.
The best thing about my job is:
With social networks, we can see through young people’s ever-changing demands and lead their consumption trends. Meanwhile, we try hard to provide users with a smooth experience and offer advertisers more targeted marketing strategies.
Personal mantra:
Without a social network, there would not be content on mobile; without mobile, content on social networks cannot be transmitted. Only with the help of a mobile social network can brands and consumers communicate more personally and extensively.
My proudest achievement is:
In order to integrate social and mobile more successfully, in 2013 Renren developed many innovative advertising products based on mobile phones. These include: activity stations, with html5 to simplify user participation that helps brands and users interact directly on the social network; voice fresh news, so brands can really hear the consumers’ voice and consumers can also generate communication-content for brands; mobile data transmission, locking users in through more interactive creativity; and loading ads, achieving universal coverage of advertising.
The secret to my success is:
Genome, a Renren developed data-mining tool that gives us insight into who our users are and helps our creatives get closer to their needs.
The trends I'm watching in China are:
Mobile has been the core of social marketing. There has been qualitative change in mobile marketing: mobile is no longer only seen as a channel, it is also the starting point and core of your whole marketing strategy.
The most significant development in China's digital scene is:
In 2013, mobile became the biggest variable in social marketing. The cause of making this transformation more intense is people, especially young social network users. With the help of mobile social networks, brands and consumers can communicate more personally and extensively.
My favourite digital campaign is:
In 2013, Renren’s creativity helped Dell do well in both consumer and brand areas. Through Dell’s brand homepage on Renren, “Dell China”, users can participate in an activity and help a character called Annie fly. The task brings people closer to the core concept of Dell’s new product “Inspiron 14R”. By joining this activity, users can get a discount when they buy the product. More than 600,000 users took part, and the average week’s sales of “Inspiron 14R” rose 32 per cent.
Challenges I'm seeking to overcome this year:
Our major challenges in 2014 include how to provide users with a better product, how to convince more youth to use Renren, how to offer better service, how to help advertisers do more-targeted marketing, how to produce more creative ideas and how to innovate.