Sophia Ong

Name: Sophia Ong
Chinese Name: 翁诗雅
Title: Planning and implementation GM, online media group
Company: Tencent
Years in China: 7
I consider myself to be a digital native because:
I still remember ICQ! Also because I have evolved along with digital marketing since the very beginning, so digital is in my DNA.
My career highlights:
I am currently the Planning and Implementation GM for Tencent’s online media group, leading digital marketing solutions and enabling advertisers to achieve better results in their digital engagement strategies. Prior to joining Tencent, I was the VP of digital at Carat China. Back in Taiwan, I held the position of GM at Universal McCann and was a charter member serving on the board of the Online Media & Marketing Association Taiwan.
Professional mission:
To keep pushing the boundaries of how digital technology can be optimized to enable better marketing.
The best thing about my job is:
Working everyday with the best digital professionals in the business, and playing a part in influencing how the digital world evolves.
Personal mantra:
Be passionate about what you are doing.
My proudest achievement is:
Reshaping Tencent Mind, a digital marketing methodology and guiding principle. Upgrading to version 3.0 from the previous iteration, the focus surrounds a consumer-centric perspective that encompasses lifecycle measurement, multi-way interaction, social tagging navigation, and experience differentiation. Combined with a complimentary planning tool this methodology can be implemented to bring actionable intelligence to a brands’ digital communication.
The secret to my success is:
Great support from my family, which fuels me to never give up.
The trends I'm watching in China are:
There are two trends I’m particularly interested in: One is how new forms of crowd sourcing on open platforms will emerge to meet netizens’ needs for information and service. The other is how the advantages of mobile commerce, such as O2O enablement, will reshape China’s e-commerce ecosystem.
The most significant development in China's digital scene is:
WeChat of course. With is huge user base and open platform nature, it is constantly incorporating new features and functions to redefine digital marketing. It already connects people, and now the next step is to connect brands and consumers. Looking into the near future, it can even connect other applications and different devices.
My favourite digital campaign is:
Intel : A World Without Strangers. This campaign documented 10 participants and their quest to go home for CNY with only RMB140, which wasn’t nearly enough. During the campaign, the assistance and support from strangers really showed the power of social media, and what makes this my favourite is the proof that China’s society is capable of showing tremendous compassion.
Challenges I'm seeking to overcome this year:
The first is continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. The other is to uncover new business opportunities and marketing value to clients through WeChat.