Danny Chan

Name: Danny Chan
Chinese Name: 陈永泰
Title: Co-founder and creative director for innovation
Company: 123Jump

Danny is a dreamer; his success is powered by his dreams. When most award-winning creative directors from above-the-line were still staying in their comfort zones a few years ago, he made a bold move to reboot” — Tomy Chan, founder and CEO, Bikiros

 After more than 20 years in the agency world, Danny Chan decided his next move should be towards connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). He gave up his acclaimed executive creative director role at Wunderman China and, in December 2016, founded a startup out of his own pocket, steering it towards R&D in IoT experiences.

 Although still too early to gauge his success, Chan’s past track record and fearlessness in charting unknown territory has been inspiring. The fact he took an MSc in ecommerce to fuel his tech acumen — and travelled between Hong Kong and mainland China for two years to complete it — is one example of his drive, intelligence and thirst for knowledge. While at Wunderman, he worked to subvert the traditional creative-agency-as-lead-agency model to create a Cannes-recognised campaign for Pantene, and pitched an unconventional speech to TEDxLujiazui’s organisers, on using design-thinking to cope with unexpected life changes.

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